tl:dr, Early-stage, community startup hiring Head of Community Operations to work alongside the co-founders to run the day to day operations of the community and impact the lives of thousands of sales professionals. You will be our first full time hire and be responsible for operating and developing our community-first business focused on creating a high value membership experience for SDRs. You will develop, experiment with, and oversee programming to keep members engaged with sales development learning, as well as fully own membership operations. You will be responsible for the growth of the SDR Nation community and brand and help us accelerate our business in a fast-paced market.

The ideal candidate is someone who is passionate about building communities, unafraid to work through ambiguity, and has a roll-up-your-sleeves and get it done attitude. You will have the support and guidance of our co-founders in aligning on long term strategic initiatives.

Employee #1 - offer will come with significant amount of equity and options to align our interests.

Who we are.

Our mission is to help early sales professionals make it through what is arguably the toughest job in sales. The Sales Development Representative. The job is a grind, full of rejection and complicated processes and there are very few options for SDR's to learn about how to do excel.

We fix this through the power of community. We offer coaching, mentorship, peer to peer learning, weekly events and courses through partners.

We are a paid community of 335 members, growing slowly and intentionally, to make sure we deliver the best experience to our members.

What you will be doing.

You're going to be running the show. You will be impacting the lives of hundreds (and thousands) of sales professionals by providing them with the tools they need to be successful.

Role Overview